Jul 06, 2006

I thought this was going to be a really bad demo. A CD-R with no artwork or song list. Wrapped around the case is a printout of a web page. Whoopee! So I read said literature and found out that this is Danny and Annie of The Soviettes side band. A real whoopee now! Now I am interested. A drum and bass combo that play low-fi garage punk that is poppy yet very psychedelic in a go-go kid way. Adding to this are songs about snakes and things that are awesome, samples of some instructional record and random noises while they play in the background on a few tracks. Vocal trade offs, as expected from these two, who share vocal duties in their other band. The last track throws everything out the window and basically sounds like a hip hop dub track. An actual release is planned—probably as this is going to print. I’m interested to hear what that might sound like.

 –don (The Awesome Snakes)