AWESOME SNAKES, THE: Cheap-Ass Cassette Demo: CD-R

Sep 05, 2006

Danny and Annie from The Soviettes sing about snakes, the awesomeness of snakes, and other things which are awesome. If it wasn’t for the lyrics about snakes, the songs sound a lot like the songs that Danny sings in the Soviettes. The fact that every song is about how snakes are awesome is pretty…um… awesome. As I’m sitting here in a coffee shop writing this up with headphones on, I am laughing out loud and making everyone around me uncomfortable. This is some really funny stuff! I am unsure if the actual release is called “Cheap-Ass Cassette Demo”, as is written on the CD-R, or if it is called “Venom”, as is listed on the Crustacean site. This must be a super secret promo CD-R, because it didn’t even come with a track listing. Luckily, through my internet savvy I have gleaned some titles for you: “If You Don’t Like Snakes, I Don’t Like You” and “It Would Be Awesome if I Were A Snake” are the two findings I was most impressed by, and that most accurately sums up what you will be hearing when you purchase this, which I assume you will be doing. It’s awesome.

 –guest (Crustacean)

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