AWESOME AND THE ASS KICKERS: Featuring Joey Image of the Misfits and Dave Scott of Adrenalin O.D.: 10”

Nov 16, 2015

An eight-song 10” by a Florida band in lucha libre masks with guest drumming by an ex-Misfit on one side, and guest drumming by an ex-member of AOD on the other, with two originals and two covers by the guest drummer’s old band on each side. What’s not to like? The covers of “Horror Business” and “Teenagers from Mars” on the Joey Image side are serviceable, and they have the good sense to cover my favorite AOD song “The Nice Song in the Key of D” on the flip, so everything’s pretty much Archie from that standpoint. The originals are what MRR used to define as “funnypunk” (back when they actually led off their record reviews with a glossary of terms, in the dim pre-history when there were limited enough terms for describing punk rock that that could even be a thing)—bicep-flexing anthems about contemporary scourges like Ricardo Montalbán and gonorrhea (“it sounds much better than it feels”). Hell, I’ll admit I even sang along to “DoucheyMan.” If you miss the ‘80s and/or lived through the ‘80s but are pissed that hardly anyone wore lucha libre masks on stage back then, your barge has just docked. BEST SONG: “Douchey Man.” BEST SONG TITLE: “The Nice Song in the Key of D,” that’s evergreen, dude. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Dave Scott stayed at my house in 1987. 

 –norb (AAK)

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