AW SHUX: The Montgomery Sessions: CD-R

Sep 11, 2012

Admitting I know fuckall about them outside of what I could scare up online, Aw Shux seem to have originated somewhere in California circa-1997, and it appears its members have since spread to other parts of the country. The tracks here are from some recording sessions taking place in Alabama during a period spanning 2001-2011, with slight variations in production quality apparent from song to song. What you’re getting here is essentially first-tier, vaguely poppy backyard punk rock in all its primal, rudimentary glory—straight-ahead guitar work, oom-PAH-oom-PAH-oom-PAH drumming, and song structures that make the early Queers sound like Bach at his most baroque. Not that it’s without its charms, I’m just sayin’ that if you’re looking for the musical sophistication of Beneath the Shadows-era TSOL, you’re barking up the wrong tree with this ‘un.

 –jimmy (Graves End)

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