Nov 17, 2011


You get two anarcho bands from Sweden on this record; both are led by women and make for a good match. The record itself comes packaged in a beautifully illustrated black and white sleeve with a cardboard inner sleeve containing the lyrics. The drawing is of a girl with a pet white tiger gazing up into a window from which a silhouette of another child looks back. What this has to do with the sounds on the record is up to the listener’s interpretation, for the sounds are far less serene. Avfart 33’s first song starts out with a pretty standard galloping d-beat intro. It didn’t really grab my attention until the vocals kicked in. The fast, belted-out, high-pitched vocals is what makes this band stand out. At the same time, the band picks up the pace for some speedy hardcore. The lyrics are not printed in English, but there are some translated song summaries. Most of the songs are about smashing the state, anti-sexism, stuff like that. Insidious Process play fast, pummeling d-beat with shrieking, demonic vocals. I think that Process is definitely the all-around better band, but they, too, benefit from a furious vocalist. A few more parts and time changes to their quick, thrashy crust make a big difference. The lyrics are radically political, but most are focused on the mental health side of things, like coping with the wear on your mind when trying to fight, resist, or live outside the system.

 –Craven (Aborted Society, [email protected])