AVENGERS: Self-titled: CD

This has got to be a bootleg. What you get here is the “pink” album released by CD Presents back in the ’80s, “Cheap Tragedies,” which was originally on the first “Rat Music for Rat People” comp, a cover of “Money” and live tracks from another bootleg, the name of which escapes me at the moment. The reason this has got to be a bootleg because you can hear the occasional pop and ping from the vinyl from which it was duped and all the distributors on the back folded long ago (which was a pretty funny touch, might I add). Either way, though, the album from which this is derived is still the definitive statement for this band. Every possible classic this band ever put to tape is on this puppy (especially since the person responsible for this had the intelligence to include the aforementioned “Cheap Tragedies”). This record still sends chills down the spine years after its original release and I’m happy to say that the songs still sound pretty dang fresh for their age. The people responsible for the original release should cough up the tapes to Penelope and let her release it proper, with lyrics, pictures and all. The address is probably fake, but if you’re pretty loose with your money, feel free to send a check to it and let me know what happens.

 –jimmy (Lady Butcher)