AVAIL: Front Porch Stories: CD

Jul 10, 2009

I have to be honest here. This is the first Avail release that I actually possess. I passed on them for the sheer fact that they had recorded for Lookout. The label rubbed me wrong and because of the popularity. I passed on them. The last Fat release was put out in a transitional phase in which I had stopped writing for one zine and started writing for this one. I did not receive a copy and, in fact, was too cheap to purchase it. I did see them twice in the last two years and was impressed by their live set. Their live show is so impressive and energetic that I try my best to see them every time they come to town. They are a nice bunch of guys to boot. I was excited when I saw that I actually had one of their releases in my inbox at Razorcake HQ. I hate to slam this, but I am disappointed. The recording is thin and is not representative of what I have experienced live. I guess this release might be their experimental period recording. I had hoped for more. But who am I to judge?  I did want more.


 –don (Fat)