AV OKUBO: The Greed of Man: CD

May 05, 2011

A four piece indie rock band from Wuhan, China formed in 2006. Quite bland music that I would describe as the shittiest songs Gang Of Four released in the mid ‘80s mixed with what I would imagine the Strokes to sound like, although I have never knowingly listened to them and only have negative stereotypes and press to go by. Things get worse on the last two tracks on the nine-song release when the eighth track sucker punched me with some horrid techno rock with overtones of that dreadful disco version of “Cotton Eyed Joe” that came out several years ago. To add insult to injury, the last track was an extended remix of the abhorrent techno tune on track eight. –Jake Shut

 –todd (Maybe Mars,maybemars.org)