Nov 21, 2014

You would think a band would do a cursory Internet search before choosing their name. I’m sure I have more than one record by a band called Autonomy, and they are all “anarcho,” if that’s even a genre. Was totally expecting some Crass or D.I.R.T.-style U.K. black clad peace punk, and what I got was a band that sounded like Fugazi or some other revolution summer band from DC. No Sir I Won’t are definitely more expected, but much more hard-driving Conflict than off-kilter Crass vibes. The lyrics fall squarely into the long anarchist rant department, which is okay by me—shit still needs to be said right? Falling on deaf ears maybe, but better to say it than not. I dig both of these bands a lot. 

 –Tim Brooks (Dirt Cult,

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