Jun 13, 2014

Autonomy: Great blend of politically astute sentiment and post-punk attack. The songs gel and bounce with bubbling bass runs and hypnotic guitar lines one minute, then things get nice and dissonant the next, closing with a righteous cover of the Wipers’ “Doom Town.” Standing here slack jawed and amazed as I flip this puppy over.... Doom Town: Thought Autonomy might have these kids on the ropes, but they more than handle their business here, with that dark-tinged thud punk sound they’ve honed so well on previous efforts still serving ‘em well. Gloomy but not goth, meaty but not meathead, and saturated with sophistication in its wiggly bass lines and chord runs. The final tally: A solid draw, making this a faboo split. 

 –jimmy (Trend Is Dead)