AUTOMATIC ERASERS, THE: “Make It Right” b/w “On the Road”: 7"

Jan 23, 2008

Super groups seldom live up to our expectations. GTR fell short (as did every one of my Max Bacon/Kevin Bacon jokes at the time). Likewise for ABJ (Jon Anderson, “Booger” from Revenge of the Nerds, and Davey Jones). Sadly, the Automatic Erasers debut single suffers the same fate. The songs are okay, especially the flipside which picks up the tempo, but nothing sticks once the needle’s returned. I’d hoped for more given the band’s credits—Ryan O’Sullivan (Tri-City Thundercats, Stamens) on bass, Ward Reeder (whose drumming with the Primate 5 is amazing) keeping time, and Orin Portnoy out front (he’s new to me but he keeps good company). The good people at I Don’t Feel A Thing usually lean toward humorous records. More of that would help here.

 –Mike Faloon (

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