AUTISTIC YOUTH: I Want to See Every Tower Fall: 7”EP

Nov 07, 2008

Maybe it should bother me a bit that Autistic Youth are hella reminiscent of The Observers (RIP), but it doesn’t. All the parts are in place: mid-paced songs, bubbling bass, surf-edged guitar, a guy who can really sing and who punctuates like he’s spitting out bullets; what should be a throwback is a step in the right direction. If you’re up for melodic punk that’s as much about broken glass, the broken state of the world, clarity of delivery, and can incorporate a tambourine in a way that sounds like it’s being played by someone in a gas mask instead of bellbottoms with leather fringe, then this if for you. Happily surprised at how strong these four songs are.

 –todd (Rock Bottom)

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