Dec 30, 2008

Autistic Youth: This band has definitely been doing its share of touring and releasing records as of late and if you haven’t checked them out yet, now would be a good time. Their brand of moody, mid-tempo punk is leveling listeners everywhere. These songs are so epic and atmospheric while still being melodic, they could easily fit as background songs in a movie, which at first turned me off from their recent 7” on Rock Bottom Records, but now I’ve accepted it and consider myself a fan. Cola Freaks: If the Ramones had actually all been brothers and raised in a circus that traveled the European countryside, I have the feeling they would have sounded like the Cola Freaks. Their tracks were recorded by the always eccentric Jay Reatard. Don’t let this release slip past you.

 –Daryl Gussin (Blackwater/ Taken By Surprise/Sabotage)

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