I remember these cats being one of the bands on the old Philly comp, Get Off My Back, but in truth it’s been so damned long since I’ve actually heard that record that I had forgotten what they sounded like. This was a nice refresher course—in addition to the requisite thrash/hardcore tuneage that ruled the roost back then, you get some surprising diversity in approach, with some songs delving deep into post-punk territory, which would’ve been a rare excursion by a hardcore band during that time. A lot of creativity is in evidence here from a band that wasn’t afraid to stretch out of the staid dominant punk pigeonhole, something that is all too rare these days. The sticker on cover says this is an unreleased LP from 1982 put out for Record Store Day 2014, which means it has some bonus tracks, comes on splatter-color vinyl, and I’m assuming quantities are limited, so happy hunting. 

 –jimmy (SRA)