AUSMUTEANTS: Order of Operation & Fed through a Tube: LP & 7”

Jan 27, 2015

How does a band appear seemingly out of nowhere, being so young yet so fully formed? There are only a few I can think of in the past fifteen or so years (Reatards, Exploding Hearts, Davila 666, Horribly Wrong). Add to this list Australia’s Ausmuteants. Order of Operation is their second LP and second this year (I’m not sure where to place their Split Personalities tape, which was recently pressed on LP). On top of two LPs this year, there’s this Total Punk 7” and at least two other 7”s that I know of. Think Ramones-ish rhythms with synths. Themes are of everyday life: alienation, even from one’s own friends (“Freedom of Information” and “Depersonalisation”); having to pretend you like someone’s band just because they’re nice. Some critics dub Ausmuteants as “dumb” but they really don’t get it, and might just deserve to be stabbed with a pitchfork. Keep your eyes and ears on these kids! 

 –Sal Lucci (Goner / Total Punk)

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