AUSMUTEANTS: “Mates Rates” b/w “Echo Beach”: 7”

Nov 16, 2015

These Ausmuteants kids are sneakily prolific. It’s a band that I definitely want to own all their releases, but I feel something will slip by before too long. (Did I hear that two more 7”s will be out by the time this review sees print? Argh!) Ausmuteants are one of those bands that force me to buy two-song 7”s. “Mates Rates” is a catchy tune that I imagine to be about hooking your buddies up with cheap/free stuff from your employer. “EchoBeach” first struck me as a piss-take on the more cornball aspects of power pop; maybe a commercial about a hot vacation spot? In verifying, it’s a cover of Canadian new wave-esque-band Martha And The Muffins, with plenty of ‘80s sax. Well then! If all of today’s kids were like Ausmuteants, I might be more okay with today’s kids.

 –Sal Lucci (Hozac,

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