When I see a new Goner Records release, I think it will sound like one of two things: blown-out garage punk or quirky Aussie/New Zealand synth-y stuff. And I’ll probably just buy it because I know I’ll like it. Goner is one of the few labels throughout my entire record buying career that I’ll buy something just because they put it out. Ausmuteants falls into this second sound-type. Goner has been advertising this upcoming release for a while but I never got around to previewing them online. (Something I go back and forth in my mind as being totally against my record buying impulses and as wholly practical because I’m getting older, own a home, have bills, like to travel, blah, blah, blargh.) Mostly up-tempo numbers (“Kicked in the Head by a Horse” is best) and one moody, Clean-ish jam (“Hate This Town.”) My Aussie/NZ palette is limited, so other influences are likely going over my head. Oh well, better for the enjoyment of this record as it stands, then. Goner Records, just open an Australian branch already! 

 –Sal Lucci (Goner)