May 25, 2008

Interesting. Played this thing on the computer and while the lyrics match up to the lyric sheet they included, the band on the CD-R is listed as The Dogs D’Amour, not Auryn. And the Auryn song titles—menacing ones like “The Untamed Sun” and “The Reward of Oblivion” on the lyric sheet—are totally wimpified by the fact that the computer lists them as “Pretty Pretty Once” and “How Come It Never Rains.” I don’t get it at all. Anyway, as far as the actual music, we’re looking at some late ‘90s screamo stuff with strained vocals and a very slight metal tinge, though much better than I make it out to be. Think, you know, Ebullition Records in its heyday, skinny dudes in hemp necklaces screaming while they roll around on the floor, grainy woodcuts from the 1800s used as a band’s visuals, etc. Definitely takes one back (which is a good or bad thing, depending on how you look at it) and reminds me more than a bit of bands like End On End, Staircase, that first Shivering full-length. The band/song title discrepancy was a little weird, but if I’d just put the shit in a CD player like a normal person, I’d have been none the wiser. My tastes may have changed over the years, but there’s no arguing with the fact that bands of this ilk are capable of sounding pretty goddamn powerful, and Auryn’s a tight band who sounds like they know exactly what they’re doing. 

 –keith (Auryn)

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