AUDACITY: Power Drowning: LP

Mar 24, 2009

The Audacity/Makeout Party split 7” almost made me piss my pants. I wasn’t expecting a.) anything from Audacity—as I hadn’t heard them before—and surely b.) I didn’t expect Thee Makeout Party to be matched up with a serious contender on whose side I would play first when I spun the 7”. Unfortunately, this LP doesn’t quite live up to the promise of that one song. But all is far from lost. These Audacity dudes are young. (Between seventeen and eighteen.) And it’s not as kitschy as Mad Society, nor does it sound as parent-manufactured and heavily guided as something like The Diffs. I think Power Drowning has some really great parts: Urinals-y noise bits sift into jammy, sunshiney bits reminiscent of the Abi Yoyos. But, the overall effect is a record that’s a little too loose and trying too many things. It’s like it loses its own character by trying on so many other people’s pants… instead of staying in one pair and pissing in them. This record is this side of good, and it’s full of promise.

 –todd (Burger)