AUDACITY: Power Drowning: LP

Mar 24, 2009

I definitely wasn’t as instantly won over by this release as I was with their split 7” with Thee Makeout Party. I’m thinking it could be one of the following reasons: the cover art is pretty dumb, the vocals are much more fuzzed out, and the sequencing of the album isn’t very fluid. But in lieu of those flaws, by the fourth listen I was completely won over. This record is crammed with beautifully epic pop melodies that come and go and punch ya and kiss ya and roll around in the mud with ya. And kinda why I appreciate technical metallic hardcore bands like Curl Up And Die and Genghis Tron I also hear in Audacity. They’re completely unafraid to mix it up and throw some completely new part into a song that’s high enough quality to be the chorus and yet only play it once. And it slays! But Audacity is, of course, not playing tech metal, they’re playing rock’n’roll in that way that only scrawny DIY punks can play it. A bag of sugar from Thee Makeout Party for the poppy ‘60s rhythms and a flying scissor kick from the Pterodacdudes (both bands they’ve played and done splits with) for the finely executed power-rock kamikaze attack. There are no bones about it, Audacity has the heart to make this music in a genuine way and, on top of that, they make it sound fucking good. 

 –Daryl Gussin (Burger/Recess)

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