Jul 22, 2008

Audacity: Multi-part, melodic DIY punk in the vein of The Carrie Nations and ADD/C that stretches its legs through several time and tempo changes. This stuff is hard to pin down too specifically beyond, “It’s good. I like it,” because I get the feeling they’re in the midst of expanding and figuring themselves out, which is a great thing for a new band. Thee Makeout Party: Scruffy punks doing PetSounds-eraBeach Boys a total solid. They’ve got the sunshine and mental illness balance down to a tee. (A little bit of sun is good for you, but too much is cancer sorta thing, in songs.) When I first heard of “psychedelic pop,” this is what I heard in my brain. If they were to start a cult in the next couple of years, I wouldn’t be surprised. For fans of early Redd Kross, wouldn’t be too far of a stretch. Plus, like Redd Kross, both bands have cute girls!

 –todd (Trabajo)