AUBURN BIKINI: Self-titled: CD

Jul 25, 2006

If you’ve ever lived in small town, one that you come to love, and not want to flee the confines of (not that you love your chains, but one in which you get all towned-out on) then you may relate to Auburn Bikini. You’ve maybe been there before, a place where there’s nothing going on but that which you make a reality through a homemade, hands-on kind of action. You may have even seen things and come to appreciate aspects of the life there which, to the outside world, seem like an abomination of what they consider true and to the heart. But you play house shows and do your best to make it with what you’ve got. Sure, Auburn Bikini play some songs about football. So what? I’ve seen punk rock soccer games, baseball games, hacky sack (yeah yew, right?), and, yes, football games, one of which was played at the Loveliest Village on the Plains. That’s Auburn, folks. Home to the Bikini. Let me say a couple more things about football, this band, and the town they’re from. There are about 45,000 people who live in Auburn. That’s a small town. There is a football stadium that seats somewhere around 85,000. That’s about double the population. At least a hundred thousand will show up five days out of the year for football games and start drinking in the streets. If you live there, it’s going to have an impact on your life. It doesn’t mean you’re a jock or some frat guy. Shit, there’s a song on here where the lyrics are, “I’m a barracuda/ you’re a barracuda/ five years of marriage/ five years of marriage.” What the hell? I don’t know, do you? Auburn Bikini is about a good time; moreover, the best time you could possibly have. If you needed a show down there in the steamy south, then these guys would be one of your best times.

 –guest (Arkam)