ATTICTED: No Regrets: 7"

Mar 08, 2010

Attic Ted are a three piece experimental pop band from San Marcos, TX that use keyboards, drums, and cello to make quirky, oddly danceable, Renaissance Faire carnival music. You can almost see the singer working the midway, standing in front of a curtain, barking in his histrionic vocal style to see what horrors await on the other side. The music itself is unusual but severely limited by the cello, which is so out of tune half the time you wonder if the person playing it isn’t just a little bit tone deaf. Maybe that’s part of the weirdness Attic Ted is trying to cultivate. Mainly, it’s just distracting, and I couldn’t help think how much cooler it would be if the cello was replaced by a trombone. Not my thing at all. But, if you’re into the Faint but resent the mainstream techno-fication they went through, you could do a lot worse than the strangeness of Attic Ted.

 –benke (Pecan Crazy)