ATTICA! ATTICA!: Dead Skin/Dried Blood: CD

Jan 23, 2008

Jesus. This band is trying way too hard to be something catchy but just comes off with a resemblance of something that would be played on a showtune soundtrack. I’m not feeling it. It just feels cheesy to me. And I questioned my feelings initially because I was listening to it for the first time at 7:10AM getting dressed for work. I thought maybe it was just making me grouchy because it was not what I expected. There are catchy parts here and there but they lead to nowhere. When I got to work and read the insert, it is exactly what I thought. Another artist that is just trying to be grand but the mediocrity shines. Some songs included piano, cello, and accordion. For such fresh instruments being used, the music sure does stink. Bloodbath And Beyond said it best, “You should febreeze your guitar because your music stinks.” The insert says things like, “Scott has been traveling the country on his own, writing songs on buses and trains.” I think this bugs me because whoever wrote the insert is trying to paint a picture of some starving artist when all the writer had to say was, “This gentleman tours,” and people would have gotten it. All of the artists I know are starving artists at one time or another; why are they pointing this out like it's some above average quality that makes him noble? Oh, and there are so many other good quotes from this thing. I wish I could just copy and paste it under this review to give you the giggles. I will leave you with this one, “album of intense beauty, gorgeous yet eclectic soundscapes that form a complex, cohesive tapestry held together by songs that are as challenging as they are fascinating.”

 –guest (Red Leader)