ATTENTION SPAN: Faceless People: CD

Sep 07, 2010

One of my biggest pet peeves is when a band appropriates a name, logo, photo, cover art, slogan or whatever, from another, often older, band and they attempt to pass it off as their own (exceptions exist, of course, such as when it’s done in parody, satire, or in an attempt at irony). It happens way too often, nothing says “zero creativity” and “we don’t get it” more, and bands that do this shit are automatically working at a supreme disadvantage they often never transcend because said dearth of creativity usually also manifests in their musical output. In this case, the band has taken Fear’s “I Don’t Care About You…Fuck You” sticker, placed their logo over the original and slapped it on the booklet and the CD itself. Seriously, all that work put into a bitchin’ logo and you couldn’t come up with a witty layout and original saying to go with it, or at least cop something that wasn’t so goddamned obvious? By all rights, this should be teeter-tottering on the top of a very high shit pile, but I gotta say, they’ve got themselves quite the band here. Pumping out taut, no-frills Midwestern hardcore with above average lyrics (spelling errors notwithstanding) and enough angry conviction to put them in the running as one of the better bands in this genre, they manage to make it over the line by the skin of their teeth. Kudos to ‘em, but here’s hoping they put more effort into their visual presentation in the future ‘cause they’re really doing themselves a disservice otherwise.

 –jimmy (Homesick)