ATTENDANT: Freaking Out: LP

This record is a one-sided, seven-song collection of musicians out of Philadelphia. There are seriously twelve different people who had something to do with this LP. In the liner notes they explain: “All the songs are collaborations but are for the most part written by Jon Rybicki” (of RadiatorHospital). It’s quintessentially college rock with beautiful lyrics that paint a full picture, complete with raw emotions. The closing track is one of the shortest songs lyrically, but has some of my favorite lines: “Our father was a boxer / he put people in boxes / and the boxes underneath a layer of soil / four feet deep / but we were in the basement.” It’s poetry in the same vein as J Church, though the vocal delivery is really lacking. I can read the feelings layered in these songs, but I can’t sense them in the milk-and-water singing style. The male vocals are a bit warbling—in the same style as Conor Oberst—and the female ones are light and airy. Track two “Saturday” rips into a wailing guitar, fast drums, and a distorted, rumbling bass that reminds me at moments of Smashing Pumpkins, with whispers of shoegaze and post-punk in the midst. While I like some of the music, it’s not gripping me in the way the lyrics do. Put as much passion in the singing as the words they’re delivering, and I think you’ve got a great band here. 

 –Kayla Greet (Salinas,