ATTACK FORMATION, THE: Let the Notes Drip from Our Lips to Yours: CD

Jan 31, 2008

I don’t know what the hell’s going on here. I mean, the music’s pretty reasonable, with elements of screamo dynamics, sonic youthful discord, contemplative self-absorption and found-sound manipulation, but the packaging is mind-gouging. First, there’s a silver ziploc bag, then in addition to the standard jewel case, there’s a sticker and a newsprint poster where Ben Snakepit presents portraits of 135 people. The booklet and tray card of the CD are just covered in writing but most of it doesn’t say much (well, to me, anyway). I think I found a list of people in the band, but I only think that because there’s one I recognize (Tim Kerr). Can’t even find an address (though perhaps Tim Kerr = Austin?), and I’m speculating on the name of the label. Brain-conking weirdness that sometimes seems a little forced.

 –doug (Die Die Diemond)