Feb 21, 2008

Atomsmashers deliver some manner of rabid thermonuclear attack concealed within the guise of a Trojan Zero Boys cover (“Hightime”) (good, i was getting sick of “Civilization’s Dying”) and a marginally original original. DeLoreans play in the traditional Italian punk rock style: Almost completely unmemorable, but with no visible defects. Maybe a trunk full of blow is no longer part of the standard DeLorean accessory package? BEST SONG: Atomsmashers, “Hightime” BEST SIDE OF THE COVER: DeLoreans. Monkeys serving band members pizza whilst they peruse New Warriors comic books surrounded by radiating wedges of magenta and black is a very underutilized theme for record covers these days. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: From the Atomsmashers liner notes: “Many thanks to no one especially if come from Wisconsin.” Uhhh... you’re welcome?

 –norb (Rockin’ Bones)