Nov 13, 2013

After listening to this CD four and half times, I think I’m ready to say it’s incredible. On Blottered, The Atomic Buddha go from fuzzy, spacey power pop to rock’n’roll maximum riffage, and never over-reach. They’re The Buzzcocks and then Bob Mould is playing and then they’re the Stooges for a few minutes, the vocals falling somewhere between Pete Shelley and Glenn Mercer. They sound like dorks who absorbed all the right records and cover the exact bases you want covered. Every song sounds like a demo version of a classic to-be. Some of the lyrics are a little rough, or kind of pedestrian/cheesy, like they’re trying to make too much sense. But they seem like a band that can do anything, and they’ll be even better when they figure out what not to do, or what doesn’t need to be done.

 –Matt Werts (75orless,