Sep 19, 2007

This was recorded in 1998, so it seems a little weird that it was just released for review. The CD starts off with weird electronic machine gun drumbeats and squelching walkie-talkie sounds. Then there are some passionless, monotone vocals, and stop start electronic drumbeats. There’s really no melody other than the slight tunefulness of the singer. All the other sounds are atonal electronic noises: bleeps, blurts, and machine gun drums. It just goes down from there. The second song isn’t just bad, it’s unbearable. There is some kind of melody provided by a wah-wah bass sound and a guitar providing melody, but it sounds like lame, clichéd, Nine Inch Nails-type guitar. The third song starts off with some crappy ‘80s synth and a farting bassline. I’m driving along while listening to this, and, at the same time, I think I’m smelling a sewage treatment plant. It’s raining really hard, so it might be overflowing, and combined with this music, I’m starting to feel a little nauseous.

 –Jason Donnerparty (23)

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