Mar 29, 2016

Be not perplexed by the skull-o-centric packaging; this sounds like an East Coast version of Nobunny—with that omni-epoch hook worship and the what-not— coupled with a more legit Nuggetsapproach, but with reverb instead of fuzz on the guitar (except when there’s fuzz on the guitar instead of reverb), and sublimated Barraracudas-like harmonies, and occasional faux glam excursions. Actually, perchance “a New Englandized version of the Barraracudas” is closer to the truth than the Nobunny reference. Either way you crack this particular Kit Kat, it’s the best album of the first five weeks of the year. My long-held respect for the Providence Steam Roller—the last NFL Champions to go belly-up—is thusly rekindled. Roll on, you crazy steamroller! BEST SONG: “Treat My Baby.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Bed Bugs.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The album is divided into two sides: Side A and Side R. 

 –Rev. Norb (Almost Ready)

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