AT THE SPINE: First Day of Spring: CD

Jun 25, 2006

I think what annoys me most about this record is the plea on the back to support independent music and to avoid copying this record if you can help it. Dudes, you don’t have to worry about that last bit—I like people and wouldn’t want to subject them to this. As to the first point, fuck independent music. Support GOOD music. This is everything but. I had realized over the years that there is simply no end to the things I can’t do in music—I can’t play guitar, bass, drums, flute, saxophone, keyboards, tuba, bassoon… none of that shit. I can’t read or write music. I can’t even whistle in tune. And singing? You’re kidding, right? At any rate, I thought I knew all of that until I heard this and with the exception of a couple of pseudo-solos, I can play every goddamned thing on this disc and do it better because I at least figured out how to play a Ramones song or two on every instrument over the years. I can’t sing, but at least I have the good sense not to try (meaning that, unlike this record, you’ll rarely hear me off-pitch) and to yell in something approximating the same key. This? Fuck this.

 –scott (Global Seepaj)

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