AT THE SPINE: First Day of Spring: CD

Jun 27, 2007

This was specifically sent to me with a note stating that they really appreciated my sincerity. So, I was truly hoping to honesty love this and reward them with a glowing review. I read the liner notes as I put this in and got a bit jaded. They cover Hank Williams and admit they’ve never even heard his version of the song, “House of Gold,” that they cover. Minus one. Then, they go on to proclaim (minus one) that they’re not religious, and if they were they wouldn’t be Christian… and proceed to sing a religious song (hypocrisy—minus twelve). If you seriously feel so strongly anti-religion, anti-church, or anti-whatever that you feel the need to come out and defend your views, then why not just choose another song? Or, if you just like the song’s melody or other element, but don’t agree with the lyrics or sentiment, you have some choices. Personally, I sing the hell out of songs that I like which have lyrics that I don’t necessarily agree with or that have sentiments I don’t agree with. Do I feel the need to validate my liking of the songs? Nope. Maybe I’d take it all with a grain of salt if the music were any good, but this is about as awful as it comes: mellow and uninteresting arty adult contemporary with wimpy, echo-y vocals. How’s that for sincerity?

 –megan (Global Seepej)