AT THE DRIVE-IN: This Station Is Non-Operational: CD/DVD

Jun 29, 2007

I’m surprised that Todd Taylor didn’t keep this for himself since he has more history with the band. Me, I have the first and the last CD. Nothing in the middle. Haven’t listened to either in awhile. So this anthology is a wake up call. I forget sometimes how good a band is because I can’t keep up with the new music I get and I neglect what I have in the collection. The demise of the band while about to break through and then splintering into both Mars Volta and Sparta makes you forget quickly. I really didn’t get into either band. The chemistry was not the same. This validates my theory. Eighteen tracks from various full lengths—rare and unreleased. This plays through effortlessly. A bonus DVD is included with a bunch of videos and stuff to entertain an egghead for a short period. I don’t know if this an attempt to sell more back catalog, but for me, this well worth the price for a new fan who missed them the first time around.

–don (Fearless)