AT OUR HEELS: Misanthropy and Godlessness: CD

Dec 28, 2010

Crushing metalcore along the lines of bands like Trap Them, Cursed, and American Nightmare. The sound is full, heavy as fuck, and the vocalist sounds like his throat is engulfed in flames. A lot of tempo changes go on to keep things interesting. I do think when they pick up the speed they actually have more punch. The mid-tempo breaks are cool and allow the listener to collect their thoughts, but when the pace picks up is when it gets really interesting. I wonder how they would sound if they cranked out a number of thrashy songs back to back? “The Recluse” is my favorite track of the thirteen, as it goes off into the speedy realm with some speed metal touches, and the drums sound like their punching holes into the walls.

 –M.Avrg (Creator-Destructor)