ASUNDER: A Clarion Call: CD

Jul 09, 2007

Three tracks is all you get here. I’m not even counting the bonus track that clocks in at close to twelve minutes. Purely slow, at a snail’s pace, metal sludge that is painful for this hyperactive person to take. The vocals sound like a Buddhist monk’s chant. If this is your thing, here are the positives. The distorted bass sounds strong and forceful. The drums bang with intensity but is at a tempo that only a person who has tried quaaludes could appreciate. The guitar is downtuned to enforce this bottom end experience. The bonus track is just the bass guitar droning like the amplifier is turned up to maximum level and the guitar is placed right in front of it. If you love hearing Black Sabbath on the turntable while you are dragging your finger across the record to slow it down, this will make you one giddy metal freak.

 –don (Life Is Abuse)