ASTHMA ATTAQ: Breathe Heavy: CD

Feb 15, 2006

This is a two-piece band of what I guess you call "screamo" nowadays. I listen to these vocals, and all I can think about is what these dudes' friends at work and families and other square people think when they ask to hear the band. The musicianship is competent enough, but the vocals are just fucking ridiculous: just straight-up, flat-out screaming. No note is trying to be hit, no texture trying to be attained, no timbre trying to be reached. This is just annoying, ambitionless screaming. It sucks. The music isn't too bad?I can't help but be reminded of other two-piecers like Lightning Bolt, Japanther, and Hella. They kinda sound like a mix of the three. If I were you, I would not buy this record.

 –guest (Forever Escaping Boredom)