ASTA KASK: Rock Mot Svinen: LP

Jul 09, 2009

On one of my most recent monthly pilgrimages to Headline Records in Hollywood, I noticed this record right away, perched on the wall in full display as a new arrival. I grabbed it to see what it was. I knew that this Swedish band had been broken up since the mid-‘80s. With a quick flip of the wrist, I looked at the back side of the album jacket to see that it is a compilation of tracks from all six of their studio releases. Yippee! I think my brother has all the releases but I personally haven’t heard all their music. I do own a copy of the mini LP Med Is I Magen, which is a punk rock classic and a lucky find on my part. Also, I have them contributing tracks on the Really Fast Vol. 1, 2 & 3 2xCD comp that Burrito Records/Sound Idea re-released a few years ago and on the Varning! For Punk 3xCD comp which came out quite awhile ago. From the liner notes provided on this release, they were a very popular band in Sweden during the early ‘80s. They even received radio airplay. They have similarities to Die Toten Hosen out of Germany – popular in their homeland, but obscure here in the states. It’s such a treat to my ears hearing more of this band. The music is melodic and poppy but stays unique due to their not being heavily swayed by too many outside influences like bands today. The music is not one bit wimpy, by any means. For the time period, the music is played at a hyper pace without going out of control and losing the melody. The lyrics are sung in Swedish and inject almost a party attitude by how much fun they express. I, for one, do not speak a lick of Swedish. But once the needle hits the grooves, I’m a bouncing, epileptic, spazz boy with no rhythm. Old school and street punk lovers will join hands and become lovers of this band once they hear the punk flavor they created. I saw on a Swedish distro website that the 1st and 3rd EP have been re-released. I have to get my hands on some of that! I hope their whole catalog gets the same treatment.

 –don (Hohnie)