Jul 06, 2011

Because so many of us here at Razorcake have already proclaimed our love for Assholeparade, I will only say that their side of this split won’t disappoint you one bit if you’re hip to their jazz. Sometimes, when all you know how to do is thrash, that’s exactly what you should keep doing. So let’s focus a bit more on Tokyo, Japan’s Slight Slappers. A band you might not be too familiar with since a large part of their catalog is available exclusively only in Japan. They’ve been together for about seventeen years and counting. Even more impressive is that they have kept the same lineup since their first record. Comparing them to any of the more influential Japanese hardcore bands would be underselling them a bit. Sure they draw from their forefathers like Gauze and Lip Cream. But then again, neither of those bands dared to put a dance/techno song at the end of any of their records or goofy vocals in any of their songs. Speed and noise are definitely part of the equation here. To the untrained ear, it may come across as a blur of indiscernible sounds and screaming. I would say it’s the psychedelic equivalent of a Crossed Out record. In fact, I’d speculate as far as to say that the boys in Slight Slappers might be using some conscious-enhancing drugs during their recording sessions, but it’s not doing any harm to the creative process. If you’re reading this in America, you’re so lucky No Idea is a reliable source for this record and others by Assholeparade. Good luck tracking down Slight Slappers releases, though.

 –Juan Espinosa (No Idea)