This sounds like some lost gem from the late-‘60s/ early-‘70s era of rock with the psychedelic elements and a countrified undercurrent. The production values are perfect for this style, not clean and overdone. Just right. These guys have paid close attention to the era and pulled it off in modern times. The music has a blessed-out quality, and the length calls for introspection as the guitars go off in some cosmic soloing with space rock sound effects pushing it forward. “Two Birds” is the standout track. They take off into a jam that just keeps moving and never tires. For the most part, this entire album is a laid back affair. However, they pick up the pace a little bit with “Clive and the Lyre,” that has a swinging riff that comes in and out, while never losing the driving tempo as they switch over to the final track, “End Under Down,” where the guitar comes in with an almost bomber-like sound, then washes into a psyched-out haze. If you want to know what summers are like in California, I can’t think of a better album than this to capture that feel.

 –M.Avrg (Tee Pee,