Assemblage v1.0: DVD

Apr 05, 2006

Maybe instead of the current title, this DVD could be titled What’s Wrong with Music Today (and a Few Exceptions), Volume One. Because basically that’s what we have here: twenty total tracks, most of which are pointless. Some of the music on the DVD is good (including Blueline Medic, Thursday, and Rainer Maria), but with the exception of the Rainer Maria video, I ended up fast-forwarding through almost every single one of these since no video seemed to be telling any kind of story worth me spending three or four minutes of my time watching. Instead, most just showed the band playing live, much like any video you’d see on MTV. Unfortunately, the last three or four videos wouldn’t run correctly on either of the two DVD players I tried. I have a feeling I really didn’t miss much. –Kurt Morris (Grey Two-Eleven;