May 10, 2007

I like the fucked-up disparity between this album’s sounds and visuals—visually, there are all these really nice, subdued watercolors of a girl on sitting and walking on train tracks; it’s a gatefold CD and there’s quite a few of these panel illustrations, looking like graphics that could very well be splash pages for a Delia’s catalog or something, right? And by the look of things, I figured I was about to be subjected to what may possibly be the shittiest emo band ever. Then I put the album on and just about got my skull caved in by these dudes who’d be right at home on a bill with Curl Up And Die, Dead Hearts, or Drowingman. Really punishing and technical hardcore stuff with a metallic undertone, they’re a band that’s absolutely unafraid to slow things down and slap your head with a sonic brick over and over again. Not a huge fan of the genre, but they come across as if they know exactly what they’re doing, and if you’re into any of the aforementioned bands then you’ll be wanting to give this one a listen or three.

 –keith (Rome Plow)

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