ASPIRIN: We Do Painkilling to Your Anger: 7"

Dec 22, 2009

Holy smokes! Where does Schizophrenic find these obscure Japanese bands? (Not that I’m an expert on the Japanese scene.) A no-holds-barred band that goes straight for the attack. They waste no time going for speed and anger while taking short breathers to show they can rock at points. Manic thrash is the focus and I can’t believe the Japanese language can be screamed at this pace. Add that to the gang-style choruses, driving guitar and bass, all carried by the breakneck drum barrage. If this band stays together, continues to put out releases, and doesn’t achieve the popularity like Paintbox or Judgment, I will put my punk hat in the closet. This is band is that good.

 –don (Schizophrenic)