ASKEW REVIEWS #15: $3, 8” x 4 ¾”, copied, 84 pgs.

Sep 23, 2011

Reviews of books, CDs, DVDs, and food (featuring Marky Ramone’s pasta marinara sauce) mixed in with short stories and a silly advice column bit about stuff like STDs and liking women with small breasts. Aside from the inane sense of humor, the reviews are kind of interesting to read. I like how there’s no division between genres in the reviews because it makes it the kind of zine you can pick up and start reading at any point. It’s not something you’re going to read to find out about new stuff; it’s more like flipping through the TV and getting zoned out on infomercials. There are a handful of different reviewers and most of them make their arguments pretty well. Also, I love three-hundred word reviews about Troma movies. –Katie Dunne (Denis Sheehan, Askew Reviews, PO Box 684, Hanover, MA02339)