Feb 15, 2006

I initially wrote an insanely long review for this record, just totally blasting the piece of shit out of the water: denoting the dozens of reasons why it sucks, and why stupid bands like this are not only terrible but actually manage to throw punk back into the fucking dark ages, and not in a good "sounds like Black Flag" way. But then I decided that doing that would really just give the bands way more credit and space than they deserved. So here's the condensed version. Aherm. Tap. Tap. Is this thing on? Okay. WHY THIS RECORD TOTALLY SUCKS: 1) It's a live record with mediocre sound quality and all the boring and indecipherable between-song muttering left in. 2) Ashtray has male/female vocals with lots of vocal tradeoffs but still manage to sound like a bored Gr'ups at their second or third practice. 3) Antichris and the Raped are playing the "shock and hate" card with songs like "Fuk Yr Sister," "Faggot Sandwich," and "Deadbeat Wife: Beat Wife Dead." They initially got my hackles up, until I realized that they suck even worse than Ashtray and no one's gonna buy this record anyway. Then I threw the whole thing in the garbage and ate lunch. Thank you. -Keith Rosson (We Are Going To Eat You)

 –guest (We Are Going To Eat You)

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