ASHCAN MAGAZINE #3: 8 ½” x 11”, newsprint, $?

This is a Bay Area magazine with band interviews, columns, and reviews. Content. Seriously though, this is actually a pretty entertaining read. The best parts are definitely the comics by Rick Kitagawa, which had me rolling on the ground laughing like a moron, and an article on Goteblud, which is apparently “SF’s premier zine archive.” If I ever make it out there again I sure would like to see some of those copies of Morri’Zine. Man, what a great title. This definitely leans a bit towards what I would refer to as the artsier side of stuff, but is still totally accessible. I like that it covers things specific to the Bay Area and they show a commitment to their community by having a “Streetside Asks” section, where they ask random people on Haight Street the same question relevant to whatever current event is relevant to the little, overpriced, too-hip-to-swallow world that is SF. –Rene Navarro (Ashcan, 660 4th St. 20, SF, CA 94107)