Mar 17, 2008

In his relatively extensive liner notes, Ash County Slugger Randy Brownell notes that two members of this band were in Radon (a band that unfortunately has slipped between the cracks for me and not seeped under my rock), and that the Ash County Sluggers “showed up as the final log on the (Radon) fire.” Well and good. This was originally recorded in ‘96, remixed in ‘02, and finally released late last year. So. My point is that this one didn’t really hit for me. I don’t know if it sounds like Radon or not (see above), but to me it sounds kind of like Jawbreaker, and that band never really tripped my trigger either. If you like Radon or Jawbreaker, however, you might want to give this a listen.

 –Eric Carlson (Hazzard / Sooooo Intense)