Nov 11, 2009

Aseethe is really good. From the very opening of “Black Heart” to the final sounds of “Fire to Flames” I’m hooked on these songs: ambient metal that has a drive and enough low end to earn its heaviness. The songs are somewhat hypnotic with the repeating riffs, then there are the sounds that come washing over the buzzing distortion, providing another layer. Good stuff for putting on late, late at night, and pondering the past, present, and future. I could definitely go for a full-on Aseethe LP. Shores Of The Tundra, for some reason, don’t do much for me. They’re not horrible; it’s just not “my thing.” They remind me of Godflesh, with the drum machines and other electronics. The songs pulse then explode with an almost epic feel, like something you would hear as the soundtrack for a movie set in a bleak future. Limited to 300 copies and packaged in a screen printed cover, so if this is your thing, get on it.

 –M.Avrg (Scenester Credentials,

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