ASEDIO: Self-titled: LP

Nov 07, 2008

This is dark, brooding crust with a self-described addition of Swedish death metal. This band from Spain knows how to take dark emotions and play a musical soundtrack to it. The band Tragedy comes to mind when hearing the music, but it’s not exactly the same. They tend to work with the formula and add elements to make it their own: a big sound with an underlying melody with charging punk metal riffs. Very deep, almost guttural vocals set the tone for the dark landscape that the music portrays. The lyrics are in Spanish and I have no idea what might be behind them. Judging by the music alone, I know it’s not pretty. Overall, a good listen and not a dud in the bunch. Co-released by Contraszt!, La Agonia de Cicir, Be-Part, Devil Child, and Behind The Scenes. Now get on that computer and search!

 –don (Contraszt!)

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