As You Were: Punk Comix Anthology: #3: Compiled by Mitch Clem, 112 pgs. By Keith

Jul 03, 2014

Third issue of this punk comic anthology, this time based around the theme of “Big, Big Changes.” Contents vary from one- or two-page strips to multi-page plotlines. Household names—at least around this household—include Steve Larder, Liz Prince, Adrian Chi, Ben Snakepit, Marcos Siref, Brian Connoly, as well as editor/compiler Mitch Clem, and a cover by Lauren Denitzio. Like any compilation or anthology, content and voice varies greatly, but generally it’s all pretty impressive in scope and application. Many comics in As You Were #3 are obviously rooted in punk subculture, but not all of them—and still others manage to work in plenty of punk references but also transcend it as well—most notably Lauren Monger’s eerie and heartbreaking “Clementine Gets a Real Job?” As a rule, the art and storytelling are solid, with a nice cross section of disparate styles. It’s a quality print job: nicely laid out, with full-page bleeds. I wasn’t enamored with everything here, but again, that’s par for the course with anthologies, right? Regardless, if you’re into comics, As You Were #3 will certainly be worth a read. –Keith Rosson (Silver Sprocket, 1057 Valencia St., SF, CA94110,